Why is Christmas so popular in China?

2019-06-22 16:08:19 zhongqi 0

In recent years, China has enjoyed a lively Christmas season: before the advent of Christmas, online discussions on Christmas were in full swing; Christmas trees were placed in front of shopping malls, and shop assistants attacked Santa Claus in red; young people were delighted to choose various Christmas gifts, and the festive atmosphere was not unmistakable. Nowadays, the Chinese people's Christmas has been transformed into a unique way of festival.

Chinese Christmas is full of "Chinese flavor"

1. Christmas is more like St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day

Many people go out with their friends on this happy day instead of staying with their families as Westerners do.

2. Delivery of apples on a safe night with Chinese flavor at Christmas

Apple wrapped in cellophane is a common Christmas gift. This is due to the homonym between "Apple" and "Safe Night" in Putonghua.

3. Christmas in China: a young people's entertainment Carnival

Although it is an exotic product, as the largest and most important traditional festival in the West, Christmas has been welcomed and liked by many Chinese, especially young people.

Many people meet and say "Merry Christmas" and discuss with each other how to spend "safe night" and what Christmas gifts they receive.

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